The PAL-650 from MicroAire® is a powerful, precision instrument designed for small- or large-volume fat extraction, body contouring and fat harvesting. The Microaire® passes through tissue without damaging micro-vessels, and leaves the fat cells, (called adipocytes), intact for autologous grafting to other areas of the body, if so desired. The MicroAire® has some very worthwhile and unique advantages:

  1. Less bruising, swelling and trauma.
  2. Improved surgeon precision for body sculpting and contouring.
  3. Increased patient comfort and improved safety.
  4. Greater cell viability for autologous fat grafting and reinjection.
  5. The healing process is faster because connective tissue is not destroyed.
  6. Faster Recovery time.


The VASER 2 LIPO® uses advanced ultrasound technology to carefully break down fat. Air bubbles contained in tissue fluid expand and collapse when exposed to the ultrasound energy emitted by Vaser 2 Lipo® cannulae.

Some advantages are:

  1. Enables removal of small volumes of fat for precision contouring or larger volumes for rapid debulking.
  2. Makes delicate and fibrous areas easier to sculpt.
  3. Enhances the High definition sculpting
  4. Optimizes harvested fat for subsequent fat grafting
  5. Preserves connective tissue and maintains fat cell viability
  6. Enhances skin retraction and reduces blood loss.
  7. Decreases the recovery time


J-Plasma Renuvion is a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure, that combines Radiofrequency energy with CAP (Cold Atmosphere Plasma) energy to achieve previously unobtainable level of tissue tightening and improvement. J-Plasma Renuvion rejuvenates anywhere on the face and body.

Some of its benefits are:

  1. Skin laxity improvement.
  2. Noticeable results after treatment, progressive results for months afterwards
  3. Decreases the recovery time.
  4. Tightens skin at a deep level
  5. Requires small incisions
  6. Can be performed with or without liposuction
  7. Has little to no risk of skin burning


Retraction is a powerful intelligent radiofrequency device. It's versatility and minimal invasiveness allows it to treat flaccidity in any part of the body, emulsify fat during liposuction, perform facelifts and intimately rejuvenate women.


The Co2 Laser is a minimally invasive facial rejuvenation technique. The treatment consists of the emission of small beams of light that reach the deepest layers of the skin, where the heat emitted by the laser acts, promoting the action of fibroblasts and producing more collagen and elastin.

IBlaze is a Fractionated CO2 Laser, is designed to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, pores, acne, scars, discoloration, stretch marks and other imperfections through a series of minimally invasive treatments.


The PREVENA™ System uses negative pressure, like a vacuum, to help protect and heal your incision at the skin surface, as well as below.

The PREVENA™ System can be used in different types of incisions.

Some of its benefits are: Helps to hold the edges of the incision together Removes fluids and infectious materials Acts as a barrier against external contamination Provides continuous negative pressure at -125mmHg


The PIEZO is a versatile instrument that allows cutting, milling and polishing the bone with precision of less than a millimeter and under direct vision, reaching a very high level of precision.

Ultrasonic rhinoplasty can be considered the most advanced method that exists in terms of nose reshaping surgeries, and it is being used more and more throughout the world.

Some of its benefits are:

  1. Fast recovery
  2. less bleeding
  3. Less pain
  4. Less inflammation
  5. less bruising
  6. Remodeling of the bones of the nose very exact and precise
    natural results
  7. Fewer irregularities and asymmetries
  8. Two surgeries in one: functional nose surgery and cosmetic rhinoplasty


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